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The Season for Small Cap Value

We have stated this before, but we truly believe that now is an opportune time to be invested in Small Cap Value companies.  While 2022 had its fair share of market turmoil, Small Cap Value...

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Small Caps could have a Five-Year Tailwind | Breach Inlet Capital

Small Cap Value Tailwind Beginning

A Difficult 5 Years for Small Cap Value (2017-2021) But Small Cap Value Has Outperformed YTD ’22 Small Cap Value Fwd P/E 32% Discount vs. S&P 500 Growth We’ve Seen This Before…Small Cap Value Underperformed...

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An Overview of Transformations | Breach Inlet Capital

An Overview of Transformation

To Transform is to make a thorough or dramatic change in the form, appearance, or character of; to change in composition or structure; to change character or condition. Breach Inlet Capital seeks to invest in small cap...

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What is a Hedge Fund and Why you should consider Investing?

When the public considers investing, they typically consider traditional asset allocation between the primary asset classes of equity or fixed income investments.  Investment selections in both are readily available to most anyone once they open an account with a brokerage...

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